Why is it Bad Luck to Walk Under a Ladder?

Walking under a ladder is considered bad luck as this could cause the person on top of it to drop something on you or be dangerous if the ladder moves and knocks you over.

This superstition has its roots in ancient Egypt. They believed that ladders leaning against walls formed triangles similar to their pyramids, and passing underneath it would breach their sacred trinity of gods and cause bad luck.


People believe that walking under a ladder with something heavy in one hand will bring bad luck. Although this superstition lacks any rational foundation, it may cause them to be wary of ladders due to jostling or knocking them over accidentally while carrying something.

Reasons behind this superstition may lie with their use as a means to hang criminals from ladders; when leaning against walls, they form triangles, which Christians believe symbolize their Holy Trinity and can never forgiven, leading to bad luck in turn.

Other theories behind the idea that walking beneath a ladder is unlucky are related to its metal construction; breaking or overstretching could result in someone falling off, as ladders can easily break. There are ways around this unfortunate event, though, such as going back through it yourself or crossing your fingers until a dog appears nearby.


Many people believe that walking under a ladder will bring them misfortune and is considered bad luck. This old wives’ tale can be traced back to both religion and superstition; ancient Egyptians believed a leaning ladder against a wall represented death as it reminded them of criminal gallows where criminals were hanged; later, when Christianity dominated the world, power ladders were seen as sacred objects and walking under one would break its holy Trinity and open doors for Satan into life.

Although superstitious beliefs have contributed to this rule, there are also practical considerations as to why it’s wise not to walk beneath a ladder. Even slight movements or bumps could throw off balance and cause injury; ladders can even topple over when not secured properly, or the ground surface is uneven, becoming particularly hazardous if they fall while close to someone on top of the ladder.


Ladders can be great tools to reach those things high up, but they can be hazardous if someone is using one and you walk under it. Someone working on the ladder could drop something like paint onto you or fall off and land on you, causing injury.

Medieval societies believed that walking under a ladder was considered bad luck due to its similarity to the gallows, where people were hanged. People thought that due to its triangular shape resembling that of the gallows, walking beneath it would break its power and invite evil in.

Ladders can also become unstable if placed on uneven ground, and walking beneath one can cause it to shift and move, potentially throwing the person on top of the balance and even leading them down it altogether. Because of this risk, it’s wise not to walk underneath someone who is using a ladder at that moment in time.


If you have ever been superstitious, walking under a ladder is believed to be bad luck and poses a potential safety hazard as someone on it might drop something on you or even fall off themselves. Another factor behind this belief is its association with Christianity’s Holy Trinity symbolism, and breaking this triangle by walking under it could allow devilish influences into one’s life.

Ladders can be hazardous when used for construction projects, and they’re not always properly secured – which could cause them to collapse or topple over and injure you. Therefore, for your safety, it is wise to stay clear of ladders altogether, but if you want to test this theory out anyway, try walking under one and crossing your fingers until you see a dog appear; otherwise, return through it to undo any damage done.

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